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Special Guest: Nick Gravenites

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Nick Gravenites played in clubs with Mike Bloomfield, Charlie Musselwhite and others. In 1967 he formed the Electric Flag with Bloomfield. Gravenites also wrote the score for the film The Trip and produced the music for the film Steelyard Blues.

Gravenites is credited as a “musical handyman”, helping such San Francisco bands as Quicksilver Messenger Service and Janis Joplin‘s first solo group, the Kozmic Blues Band. He wrote several songs for Joplin, including “Work Me, Lord and the unfinished instrumental track “Buried Alive in the Blues”. Gravenites was the lead singer in the re-formed Big Brother and the Holding Company (without Joplin) from 1969 to 1972. He also worked extensively with John Cipollina after producing the first album by Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Gravenites produced the pop hit “One Toke Over the Line” for Brewer & Shipley and the album Right Place, Wrong Time for Otis Rush, for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award.

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Special Guest Peter Albin of Big Brother & The Holding Co.

Mark and Peter Albin founder of Big Brother & The Holding Company talk about San Francisco in the 60’s: Janis Joplin’s impact, and his friendship with Jett Garcia, PigPen and the Jefferson Airplane.  Peter remembers taking Jimi Hendrix to the store for beer, and watching BB King play a night of Gospel tunes the night Martin Luther King was murdered. Peter recalls the night at the Monterey Pop Festival that put the band on the map, and the argument backstage between Jimi Hendrix and The Who.

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